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My mission is to help you unlock your true potential and customize workouts that make you feel your very best. In my experience, if you feel your best you can give your best to those around you. No more 'ground and pound' workouts that leave you feeling depleted and painfully sore. My workouts are efficiently programmed and tailored to your body type and needs, thus maximizing your results. Following the ZEE FITNESS protocol, you'll find that working out no longer feels like an arduous task, rather an activity that opens new doors and improves every aspect of your life!

  +  Behavior Analysis

  +  Stress Management

  +  Nutrition Coaching 

  +  Functional Strength

  +  Increased Flexibility

  +  Fat Loss and Sculpting

Exercise programs
focused on movement, not muscle. 

12+ Years Professional Experience​

  • Results-Driven

  • Lifestyle-Oriented

  • Efficiently-Programmed  


  • Customized Workouts

  • Fat Loss Strategies

  • Effective Post-Op Rehab

  • Proven Muscle Release Techniques 

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Guided Meditation

  • Pain Management Guides


Kelly Naatz, 35
New Mom

 Zack helped me re-enter fitness after entering motherhood and has helped me set realistic goals that make sense for my life. He also focuses on me as a complete person, not just achieving my fitness goals.

Jamie Fiore, 41

Torn Rotator Cuff 

I first began training with Zack in July 2017 and am still being trained by him today…
Not only has he helped me get my strength and conditioning back from my shoulder surgery, but he has helped take me to an entirely different level in ALL aspects of my physical fitness and health.

Michael Griffith, 57

Back Surgery

He understands how the body functions, diagnoses the needs and targets the work to help you grow. Motivating, appropriately challenging and tremendously skilled.

Cleveland born & bred

My wife and I are practically high school sweethearts even though we didn't get serious until our college years. We both graduated from Ohio University (Go Bobcats!) and moved out to the Bay Area. My wife, Dana, was flourishing as a nurse at Stanford while I was managing a prestigious health club in Palo Alto when before we knew it our first daughter, Olivia, was on the way. Fast forward 2 years later and our second daughter, Everly was born. With a full family, Bay Area living became much less desirable and we decided to return home to Cleveland for a more suitable lifestyle. 

During the nice weather you can find us outside walking the neighborhood, hiking in the metroparks, and riding bikes. During the winter we're swimming, jumping (Sky Zone anyone?) and hosting a myriad of indoor dance parties. Someone once told me, "every dad wants a son but every dad needs a daughter." It's the truest statement and I could not be happier to have 2 amazing daughters to help shape me into a better father, and more importantly a better man.    


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