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My mission is to help you unlock your true potential and make you FEEL your very best. In my experience, if you feel your best you can give your best to those around you. No more 'ground and pound' workouts that leave you feeling depleted and painfully sore. My workouts are strategically programmed and tailored to your body type and needs maximizing your results. Following the ZEE FITNESS protocol, you'll find that working out no longer feels like an arduous task, rather an activity that opens new doors and improves every aspect of your life!

  +  Lifestyle Management

  +  Stress Reduction

  +  Nutrition Coaching 

  +  Strength Training

  +  Increased Flexibility

  +  Fat Loss and Sculpting

Exercise programs
focused on movement, not muscle. 

15 Years Professional Experience​

  • Results-Driven

  • Lifestyle-Oriented

  • Relationship-Focused  


  • Customized Workouts

  • Fat Loss Strategies

  • Effective Post-Op Rehab

  • Proven Muscle Release Techniques 

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Guided Meditation

  • Pain Management Guides


Jayme H. 
Weight Loss

I've been training with Zack for 2 years. Not only have I lost stubborn weight but I'm stronger and more confident. He makes me do things I never imagined I could do. Zack also has the ability to read people like no one I've ever met. He always has a positive attitude! 

Jamie F. 

Sports Performance 

I first began training with Zack in July 2017 and am still being trained by him today…
Not only has he helped me get my strength and conditioning back from my shoulder surgery, but he has helped take me to an entirely different level in ALL aspects of my physical fitness and health.

Michael G. 

Post-Op Rehab

He understands how the body functions, diagnoses the needs and targets the work to help you grow. Motivating, appropriately challenging and tremendously skilled.

Steve H. 
Physical Therapy

Zack Edelsberg is a terrific personal trainer. When we started together I was seeing a physical therapist for a real shoulder and bicep injury. My therapist said I had plateaued but I still had pain. Zack kept working with me on it as well as my core strength and general weight training.
I am now relatively pain free (just the usual older body aches and pains). Zack is encouraging, challenging, knowledgeable and fun. 
He’s often one of the best parts of my day.

Ken H.

Personal Training 

I have worked with Zack for 18 months now. His approach is a balanced one, incorporating body and mind and creating a very hand tailored program. He is an excellent listener and is very sensitive to his client’s goals and needs. Perhaps my best recommendation is that I always feel better after one of my sessions with him.

Edelsberg Family-28.jpg

Cleveland born & bred

I grew up in Shaker Heights and quickly found my connection to sport and recreation. I was always outside throwing a baseball with my dad, shooting baskets with my brother, or street skating with my friends. The rest of the time I was invested in becoming a better drummer. I got my first snare drum in 6th grade and never looked back. I took part in multiple school bands and also joined a rock band in high school. After graduating Shaker Heights High, I attended Ohio University to pursue my Bachelors in Rec Management. Post college I moved out to the Bay Area, to join my parents and experience the west coast. It was in NorCal I got my first taste of big city living and corporate fitness. My most notable accomplishment(s) was working for Equinox and rising through the ranks, eventually serving as a Regional Manager overseeing several hundred employees and a combined $20+ million dollar operating budget. 

When my daughters were born, California living became more strained and I felt bringing them back to CLE would provide the right upbringing I envisioned. 

I am delighted to be back in Shaker in spite of leaving the best climate in the entire country. During the nice weather you can find us outside walking the neighborhood, hiking in the metroparks, and riding bikes. During the winter we're swimming indoors, jumping (Sky Zone anyone?) and hosting a myriad of indoor dance parties. Someone once told me, "every dad wants a son but every dad needs a daughter." It's the truest statement and I could not be happier to have 2 amazing daughters to help shape me into a better father, and more importantly a better man.